Happy Holidays!


Hey! Welcome to the Energetic-Girl Network, Jenna's personal domain. Energetic Girl Network has been online since December 2002 and has housed many websites related to manga, gaming, and other things that I found to be interesting. Despite its age, this collective is quite small, but I hope it will grow more as time goes by. Well, I hope you will enjoy your stay here. Navigation, if you are looking for it, is on the right-hand side.

Current Layout

Since it has started snowing in Canada, it was time for me to replace the summer layout with a more 'cold' layout. This layout features Sawako Kuronuma of Kimi ni Todoke by the mangaka, Karuho Shiina. The picture was from here and edited with Photoshop. The coding was done on Smultron. Unlike the previous layout, this layout is very simple - probably too simple for my taste-, but it will do. Happy Holidays!

Last update: December 7th, 2010

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