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A Maiden's Heart

 A Maiden's Heart Subject: Boku to Kanojyo no XXX (Your and My Secret)
Category: Anime/Manga: Series
Fans: 4 (1 pending)

Blind, Deaf, & Dumb

 Blind, Deaf, & Dumb Subject: Junai Tokkou Taichou (Love Attack)
Category: Anime/Manga: Series
Fans: 8 (0 pending)


 Sawayaka Subject: Kimi ni Todoke (Reaching You): Sawako Kuronuma
Category: Anime/Manga: Characters 0-M
Fans: 61 (5 pending)

Maternal Prophecy

 Maternal Prophecy Subject: NGE: Zankoku na Tenshi no Thesis
Category: Anime/Manga: Songs
Fans: 34 (10 pending)

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