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July 19, 2009 -- I am sorry to all the webmasters and webmistresses who applied to Crush from the last update to now. College took up all my time and I had forgot to check my email account. ( I have a special email account for Yule Ball and Crush). I am really sorry! I have uploaded all your websites now, so your website is now linked from here. Please forgive me! Also, I revamped the links linked here. It seems that after the 7th books, shipping sites are disappearing! Come back!

September 26, '08 -- Wow, it's been seven months since I last updated this site. Sorry about that. Well, I updated all the links and added four new sites to the list. Please welcome My Dearest Foe and Natural Occurance! Please be sure to check those sites out.

* TAKE NOTICE: Yule Ball, the mother ship, is revamping, but this site is not part of that revamp. Besides needing a new layout, Crush is still active and ready to receive any new website submissions you wish to send.

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