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Would like to join Yule Ball's clique? If you do, please read the rules before joining. If you don't, your form will be deleted. I hope to see your form soon.


The Basic

* You must be a fan of Harry Potter
* You must have an email address
* If you have a site, please let it be child friendly
* For webmasters, immeditely after you sign up, put the code up

The Complex

* You may only sign up to be a shipper of one ship
* No fan-based ships allowed (you/Harry Potter character)
* No celeb-based ships allowed (you/Harry Potter actor)
* No celeb-with-celeb ships allowed (actor/actress)
* Boy/Boy, Girl/Girl, and Girl/Boy pairings are accepted.
* The Join form is for new members only
* If any of your member info changes, please update it
* For Winter?, put Sonata, so I know you read the rules.

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