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Welcome to the opinion page. Unlike the past opinion page, this page has periodic topics and ask you (aka visitors) to submit your opinions on the subject. However, the opinions must be somewhat lengthly and contain a lot of insight. The best submissions will be posted and uploaded. Now for the topic:

The Topic : December - March

If you could date anyone of the Harry Potter characters, who would you date and why? Also, where would your first date be and what kind of things would you guys be doing?

The Guidelines

  • All submissions must be written by you
  • Your submission must be longer than 400 300 words.
  • Try to make it a professional work (Please no swearing or zis kind of writin)
  • Please proofread it before you submit your response
  • Please submit yours by emailing a word document to me.
  • Every submitted opinion will be greatly appreciated.
  • A Good Opinion Submission Example

    This opinion was sent to me last time the opinion page was up and it changed my thoughts about what kind of opinions I wanted submitted. This example goes beyond the present expectations, but if you are wondering what I am somewhat looking for, this is a good example.

    Why I believe in Ron and Hermione by Angelofbox

    The Submitted Opinions

    None yet. Submit yours?