Yule Ball is a growing combo site dedicated to the canon and fanon romance in the Harry Potter series.


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History of this site

In the summer of '02 when I was vacationing in New York City, I came up with the idea of having a fanlisting to all ships in Harry Potter. I decided to call it Yule Ball since it is where the couples in Book 4 gather around and danced. In that year's November, the site was online and ready for members. During the starting period of Yule Ball, I wanted this site to become and offical fanlisting site, so I decided to apply the site in I got no response from them, so thinking my site wasn't what they wanted, I decided to become a proud unofficial fanlisting.

This kept going until I found out too late that I applied my application to incorrectly. I could not become the offical now because my sister site, Just Like Romantic Versus (A great site by the way), took that position. A little disappointed, I decided that being unofficial wasn't enough. This site had to be memorable and different from others, so I decided to add some information and fun stuff that went into a category called Couple, which later was renamed Romance, unto the site. When this section was up, this unoffical fanlisting turn into a growing combo resource. With months of changing the layouts and different kinds of organization, this site became what you are seeing now and is still growing! Do you like what you see?

About the name

In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, there's a winter ball at Hogwarts called the Yule Ball. At this ball, students from Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, and Durmstrang danced together and socialized to join as platonic or unplatonic couples. In the book, besides just lovey-dovey stuff, there were also jealousy and disputes. Since that winter ball was a gathering of different couples and unrequitted loves, I decided to name this site after that ball. I thought it made a lot of sense since well, this site is information about the many couples (or will be) throughout Harry Potter including unrequitted, canon, or fanon couples, and therefore, the name seemed perfect.