Junai Tokkou Taichou!, or its official English title, Love Attack!, is a romance comedy manga series that is illustrated and written by Seino Shizuru. It was published in the magazine, Bessatsu Friend, in 2005 and ended its run in 2009. The series is very popular and is given the name "JunToku" by its fans. JunToku is completed with 13 volumes. Its sequel, Junai Tokko Taichou! Maji!, had its first volume published on January 2010.

Junai Tokkou Taichou! is about a high school girl named Chiemi Yusa, who has been in trouble several times for fighting. One day, her homeroom teacher makes a deal with her: If she can rehabilitate the troubled student, Akifumi Hirata, then her teacher will not expel her from school. However, this Akifumi Hirata is not just a normal troubled student; he is the Black Devil of Nishi High, the strongest fighter in her school. Chiemi is afraid to face this guy, but she also doesn't want to be expelled. Desperate, Chiemi fights her fears and confronts (Akifumi) Hirata, but instead of counter-attacking her, Hirata asks her out. Shocked, Chiemi refuses, but as she gets to know him better, she discovers that Hirata is nothing like what his reputation suggests him to be. He is nice, caring, and very manly. "I don't think he needs to be rehabilitated." (Chiemi Yusa). Slowly, she falls in love with him and later they start dating. However, Chiemi realizes that falling in love with Hirata was the easy part in their relationship. With her strict father, her clingy cousin, and his jealous childhood friend, the hardest part now is staying together.

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