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Energetic Girl Network is a domain collective owned by me, Jenna, and was bought on Christmas of 2002. In its first year, it hosted a small collective of sites, which included Yule Ball and Defective. For seven years, the network has seen old sites closed, new sites open, a switch from basic HTML to PHP, and much more. Now, in 2010, after eight years, this domain is still running and slowly expanding, but since I'm now a college student, the expanding is going more slowly than before.


My parents bought me this domain as my big Christmas present in 2002. Before Christmas, they spilled the secret and asked me to decide on a domain name. I thought of names like and because at the time, I was a middle schooler in love with romance shoujo comics. My parents look at this list and rejected all of them, saying that they sounded like porn domains. I didn't really understand their reason at the time, but now, I fully understand what they meant. Thank gosh, I didn't decide on those names.

To help me decide on a name, my mom gave me the advice to think of names that relates to my personality. I don't remember what kind of domain names I came up with after that, probably names like or Although I thought my mom's advice was great, I really wanted a domain name that relates to the subjects of my sites as well as to me. At the time, I had a Sana Kurata shrine called Sangatsu Nanoka (later changed to Unpredictable). Then, I really liked Sana. She was weird, funny, and very, very energetic. I thought I was pretty simiiar to Sana, so I thought of the name, I wasn't yet sure of this name until I noticed that most of the characters I had a site for were energetic characters. Knowing me, my mom thought it was perfect, so on Christmas 2002, the domain,, was bought.

Now, I am glad that I decided on that domain name. For my whole life, everyone, my friends and my enemies, all tell me that I am hyper or energetic, sometimes even too much for their taste. (Whatever!) Sometimes, they even resist giving me candy because they think my energetic ways are just some basic "sugar-high". (Wrong, wrong, wrong!) As cheesy as it sounds, my energetic ways are actually powered up by happiness. My friends in high school knew something was wrong when I wasn't my energetic self. In those days, I tried to be like those girls who were introverted and calm, but later I realized that I am not happy being a girl like that. At 21, I love being energetic. I think that's why I haven't changed the name of my domain after so many years of owning it.

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