Welcome to Sawayaka, the AFL-Listed fanlisting and slowly growing shrine to Sawako Kuronuma, the caring and loving protagonist of the popular manga series, Kimi ni Todoke, or its English title, Reaching You. This fanlisting was called "Mistaken", but after reading more of the series, I decided to change the name to Sawayaka (Refreshing). I changed the name because I realized that Sawako is more than just an optimistic girl, who is mistaken as a creepy girl who has ESP and can cast horrific curses. She is a kind-hearted girl, who, despite her appearance, loves life and looks forward in making friends and finding love. To me, she isn't like the average shoujo heroines, who are troubled by life's unknown situations. Rather, Sawako is a refreshing character, who awaits these situations and looks forward in experiencing them. I really, truly love Sawako, and I hope you will like her too. If you are already a fan of hers, you are at the right place.


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